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MINI but MIGHTY this holiday season!

3 pack mini charcoal-detox bundle is here and its a holiday gift HIIT!

Whether you love your Charcoal-Detox towels for your own workouts or to share the gift of giving with your friends and family this year, the NEW Mini Size Charcoal-Detox towel is here in its 3 PK holiday bundle! Easy to travel with, just as absorbent, not to mention super cute AND it comes in 3!!

The 3-pack mini Charcoal holiday bundle is the perfect Stocking Stuffer for this year’s holiday season to keep you comfortable in your sweat and to detox your skin everywhere you go, every single time you wipe your face with one of your MINI Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft Towels. Keeping your skin clean, blemish free and detoxed for this year’s holiday season! 

3 charcoal-Detox Mini towels, Similar to the size of a Washcloth, designed specifically for your face & your sweat to provide a quick skin detox!

Each Mini Charcoal-Detox towel is Infused with Activated Charcoal to remove oils and toxins from your skin. Charcoal is naturally antimicrobial and anti-odor, so each charcoal mini towel has the ability to stop any bacteria that is forming, keeping you and your towel germ free & odor free, no matter how often you use your towel and sweat! The charcoal will reactivate with the heat from your dryer and it will last infused into the cotton yarn for the life of the towel! 

Make sure to enter our 3-pack holiday bundle GIVEAWAY on Instagram! Winner will be announced Friday December 10th!

The 3 pack Mini Charcoal-Detox Holiday bundle is now available! Use the code THANKFUL15 FOR 15% off your own 3 pack mini Holiday bundle