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Mental Health Month: Be Strong Crush The Stigma! Sweat & Feel Your Best.


May marks Mental Health Awareness Month & we are passionate about many things here at FaceSoft, but Mental Health is up on the very top of our list. First off, we would like to let you know that you are not alone. On the days you don’t feel your best or the days where you feel like giving up, you are never alone. Its okay to not be okay-there is always hope, healing, and better days ahead.

This month at FaceSoft Towel Company we are focusing on creating stillness, asking for help when we need it, moving our bodies to feel strong mentally and physically, and being kind to our mind.

Ambassador Kira Anderson this month is hosting an incredible outdoor bootcamp event in Clayton Mo on Sunday May 16th: “Be Strong, Crush the Stigma” to raise money for NAMI (national alliance of mental health) on behalf of The Real Project. FaceSoft is so honored to be one of the sponsors for this incredible event. You will be led through an all levels 45 minute workout class to sweat and feel your best as you move focusing on the Body AND the Brain. They will also have a couple of mental health professionals speaking live before and after the workout to help end the stigma that surrounds Mental Health conversations.

FaceSoft invites you to join us every day this month in making time for yourself to participate in movement therapy. Movement Therapy may look & feel different to everyone and thats the beauty of it. We are all designed to move in ways that feel good to our own mind and body. Join us and take 20 minutes each day to move in ways that make you feel lighter, happier, and calmer. Movement Therapy has so many benefits for the mental and emotional parts of us.  The endorphins that are released as we move are the same endorphins that help us concentrate, feel energized, help us sleep better as well as the overall resilience it brings us for when emotional and physical challenges arise.

We always say when the community comes together for something bigger than us all, that’s when we see such incredible changes! Move your body in ways that make you feel strong mentally & physically, sweat to feel your best, be honest with how you feel, and don’t be afraid to turn to a loved one for help.

You are not alone & together with hope, love, education, and community we can strengthen the community and help end the stigma that surrounds mental health one conversation at a time.


Ambassador Kira Andersons Instagram: @Kiraanderson




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