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Love notes to your mind & body

Mindful movements & moving your body for at least 30 minutes a day are like giving your body little love notes! Our bodies are so incredible, and we are designed to move our bodies so we can grow, strengthen, and to provide oxygen and nutrients to our joints, tissues, and muscles. A consistent active routine, with incorporating at least 30 minutes of movement into your daily lifestyle helps keep our immune systems strong, healthy, and leaves us feeling our very best mentally and physically. 

We have loved being able to move our bodies with you during our Pink Month of Movement so far! So many incredible FaceSoft Ambassadors taking the time to host a live class, connect with the community, help us raise money for Breast Cancer, and to teach us all new and exciting workouts that we can incorporate into  our own active lifestyles.

One of our core beliefs at FaceSoft is movement therapy and the mind, body connection. Being able to release unwanted stress and tension from our mind and muscles always feels like a full body reset. We hope you can join us by taking the time each morning, afternoon or evening to incorporate movement therapy into your day for at least 30 minutes so you can feel strong, healthy and feel the mind, body connection.

It is so important to make time for the things that help us feel our best. Making time for our physical health is one of our top priorities as well as taking care of our mental health. Our mind and body are connected and when you understand your mind and body and what they are telling you, that’s when the beauty starts to happen! Being able to move our bodies is not only a blessing but it is such a healthy and therapeutic way for us to be able to release any anxiety, stress, or tension we may be feeling. We believe that when you feel your best mentally and physically, you do your best. Keeping our health strong starts with us and the daily choices we make.

Join us with our upcoming Pink Month of Movement live classes, and by incorporating new acts of self-love into your day and to give your mind and body little love notes that bring you health, happiness and joy! Move your body, feel connected, and continue making time for the things that make you feel your best mentally & physically.

PINKOCTOBER15 for 15% of our Pink or Charcoal-Detox Active towel, 15% of each sale is donated to Breast Cancer for the month of October.
About FaceSoft Towels: "Your Personal Sweat Towel"
All FaceSoft Towels are created with eco-friendly materials. Making small changes towards a plastic free life, even as small as your sweat towel, are steps we can all take to help reduce the microfiber pollution in our oceans!
Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft Towel is crafted with charcoal specifically to be infused into our towels to detox your skin and to stop bacteria and microorganisms from forming. With the heat from your dryer, the charcoal will re-activate for your next use. Products that are great for your skin, without harming our planet.
Charcoal-Infused Towel - Patent Pending 
Better towel. Better ocean.