Got sweat? FaceSoft Towels are ready!

Join the journey with us to reach your healthiest self

At FaceSoft Towel Company we always strive to encourage others to move their bodies and to be comfortable in their sweat! To encourage the workout community to use their own personal sweat towel. To inspire our community to live more of a plastic free lifestyle by offering a microfiber FREE towel alternative, and to care about the products we put on our skin. 

We also want to inspire our community by shining light on more ways to live a well rounded healthy lifestyle, for every part of our lives. 

Falling in love with a long-term healthy lifestyle, is a way of life. Not a chore, not a season, but an everyday journey for all of us to reach our highest and healthiest self.


Moving your body everyday has so many incredible and endless benefits but we must love how we are choosing to move our body. Finding a type of exercise that fits your lifestyle and your goals is our number one priority when we choose how we are going to move our body. Exercise will keep our digestive system working, immune systems strong, our blood circulating and our bodies fully functioning. Being intuitive with our mind and listening to what our bodies want has become such an important factor for us when it comes to truly living a healthy, non toxic lifestyle. When we are feeling energized and need a good sweat, we love to go to a cycling class. If we feel like we need a good stretch, to feel grounded and to connect with our mind & body we love practicing yoga. If we are feeling tired and that our bodies need a rest, we take a short walk to get some fresh air and then let our bodies recover and rest for the reminder of the day.

  • Choose exercises that you LOVE and enjoy
  • Practice being intuitive, listen to what your body is telling you it wants
  • Respect your body and rest when it is tired


Being able to fuel and feed your body with whole foods that replenish your muscles, hydrate your body, and that give you that boost of energy you need is so important. We are responsible for everything we consume, and that all has an outcome of how we overall feel. It is so much easier to consume those whole-foods that your body needs when it’s a food choice that you actually enjoy consuming! It is possible to eat without dieting and restricting. This all comes down to the choices of the food you choose. Rather than choosing processed and high sugar foods, try and replace those with natural foods, with more lean proteins. Consume vegetables that you actually enjoy eating and fruits that make you feel refreshed and hydrated. We never have to restrict our bodies from the foods we want when they are already naturally packed with all of the nutrients our bodies need.

  • Try eating more foods that come from the ground
  • Limit highly processed choices and sugar intake
  • Eat as much fruits & vegetables your heart desires
  • Incorporate more nuts and legumes into your meals
  • Water, water, water- hydration is key.


We love to find the products that we not only love but that our skin loves to!  It took us so long to realize that the products we use for skincare, seep into our bodies so we have taken a stand to replace every single item we once used that did not have natural and toxic free ingredients. Skin care is such a big part of a healthy lifestyle and an outcome of how we feel. We hope to inspire our community to take a second to read what ingredients we are shopping for that go on our skin that ultimately end up in our body. When creating our FaceSoft Towels, it was so important for our towels to be created with only the highest quality of Aqua- Cotton, absolutely no microfiber plastic and all-natural Charcoal for not only our planet but also for our whole well being. Our simple go to tips when we shop for skin care are to

  • Look for the cruelty free symbol
  • Paraben and sulfate free are a must
  • Natural materials, absolutely NO microfiber plastics
  • Vegan


We are all so accustomed to the Hustle and bustle of a busy life that we sometimes forget to do the one thing we all naturally must do and that is to truly breathe. To take a step back from our busy lives and chaotic schedules and to spend time focusing on our deep inhaling and deep exhaling. To quiet our minds, to sink deeper so we can find the unconscious answers that we are all searching for in our loud and busy lives. Being able to give yourself the time to sit still and hold space to just sink deeper.  Quieting your mind, calming your nervous system, giving yourself that time to tune out of the world and tune into your mind and body is something we find so important to help us navigate through our every day lives.

Being able to take these steps and incorporate them into our lives, will help us live even more of a well rounded, healthy life. When you feel your best, it shows on the outside and without even knowing you are inspiring others to do the same. We would love for you to join the journey to reach your healthiest self and to aspire to inspire those around you to do the same!

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