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It is never too late to get back into your wellness journey.

Recently it seems as if life has been throwing us all some sort of curve ball, which has made us feel a bit less like ourselves. If you are feeling like you are in a funk as well, you are not alone. We have some tips that we love to incorporate in our daily routine that we wanted to share with you.

Acknowledge how you are feeling: Feeling down and unmotivated at times whether it is situational or seasonal, it happens to the best of us. Being able to recognize and acknowledge what you are feeling and why you are feeling this way is the first step to working on getting out of the funk you are in and back into your journey. We find it so helpful and important to be in tune with our feelings and current state of mind. Accepting that you may not be feeling 100% yourself is not always easy but when this happens we like to make sure we do all of the things that help us refocus our energy so we can respond accordingly on how we are going to move forward in a positive and realistic way.

Meditate to make peace with the now: The world around us can be hectic and at times things outside of our personal life affect us more than we sometimes notice. When things around us are filled with so much unknown and chaos we sometimes feel like it’s harder than normal to maneuver through our daily lives and normal activities. When these feelings arise, we always turn to meditation so we can take a step back to quiet our minds, to help us understand what it is we need to do next. When there is so much negativity around us, we find ourselves focusing too much on those problems which makes the positive things in our lives go unnoticed. Meditation helps us notice the beautiful and positive things that are also happening all around us and that allows us to feel the optimistic emotions they create.  

Re-write and set simple but motivating goals that fits your needs in this moment: Setting simple but motivating goals help us get back into our wellness journey whether it is mentally, physically, or both. Being able to recoup and realign our current goals for a week at a time can help us work towards them with a clear vision in sight.

Move your body & breathe: Find ways to move your body that don’t completely suck the energy out of you. It is so much more pleasant and enjoyable to just move your body sometimes rather than an intense workout where you can’t wait until the workout is over. When you find what those activities are for you whether that is walking, running, swimming, yoga, pilates, cycling, hiking, etc. You can keep in mind our favorite mantra: Exercise Movement therapy.

We’ve all been there and it is normal during difficult times to notice that the things that normally make you happy may not give you the same feelings it usually does. Acknowledge whatever it is you are feeling, give it time to let it take its course, and work these mindful tips back into your routine so you can slowly get back to feeling like yourself. We are complex beings and so is the world around us. You may have lost sense of your calmness and peace in this moment, but we hope that with these tips you will start feeling more like yourself again

It is never too late to re-start your journey.

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