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Love your skin during everything you do and everywhere you go!  Bringing your favorite Charcoal-Detox towel EVERYWHERE with you has never been easier with the NEW MINI Charcoal-Detox Towel size!

You may already be familiar with our Charcoal-Detox active and bath size towels, and we are so EXCITED that we now offer to our community our NEW & improved bigger MINI size Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft Towel. The Mini Charcoal towels are HERE and they are 33% bigger than our original Nano size Charcoal-Detox towel! Basically it is the perfect size towel that is easily able to be packed to travel with and bring everywhere with you! Small, compact, and super cute but just as absorbent, soft and infused with as much Charcoal as the Active Size Charcoal-Towel that your skin already loves!

Whether you love to incorporate your Charcoal-Detox towel during your sweaty workouts or to go hand in hand with your skin care routine, having Charcoal Infused into your towel will result in clear, blemish free skin as well as stopping the spread of germs, odor, and bacteria that are possibly present on your skin or even on the towel. Charcoal will leave your skin blemish free and radiant looking every single time, no matter how or where you like to use your towel.

The Charcoal-Detox Mini towel will remove just as much impurities and oils from your skin as the active size towel. Created with the same exact high-quality aqua cotton, that will always provide that luxuriously soft and plush feel you and your skin already can’t get enough of! 

Continue being comfortable in your sweat and detox your skin everywhere you go, and every single time you wipe your face with your own MINI Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft Towel!

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The Revolutionary Charcoal Technology FaceSoft Towels are now available in 3 sizes! 

NEW MINI size, Active size, and Bath towel size!

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Crafted & Created with Charcoal to remove impurities and oils from your skin.

Charcoal-Detox Patent-Pending