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Introducing the 2X Beauty towel, for even more irresistible skin.

 Perfect Beauty Towel | Beauty. 2X Charcoal. Glow. 

For people that embrace wellness, live an active lifestyle, and care about their beautiful skin. 

2x more charcoal, 2x cleaner skin = 2X BEAUTY, 2X GLOW

At FaceSoft we embrace wellness and creating products that result in confidence, healthy living, and ultimately beautiful skin. As we get older, we realize how important it is to prioritize our health, incorporating wellness into our days, and the time and products we use for our own skin care routine. Health, Wellness, and skin care go hand in hand & those 3 things together are such a powerful combination that results in feeling great inside and out!

Taking care of our skin and our overall health is the key to feeling our best and to have our skin looking its best!  Having healthy skin, starts with a healthy lifestyle. A great skin care routine helps our skin age nicely, helps reduce blemishes, break outs, and wrinkles so we can feel authentically confident in our skin no matter what stage of our life we are in. Everyone should be able to feel beautiful in their skin and love the way their skin looks.

FaceSoft was inspired to create a Beauty towel with double the charcoal to compliment your beauty routine in the comfort of your own home. Glow up your beauty routine with the 2x Beauty Charcoal towel that is Created with TWICE as much Charcoal for twice as much GLOW. This level of charcoal brings your skincare routine to the next level, to achieve that radiant, smooth glow we all are striving for. 

Holding the same softness and delicacy your skin already knows and loves, but is able to detox even deeper with twice the amount of Charcoal to remove those hard to reach and unwanted impurities. Introducing the 2X Beauty towel, for even more irresistible skin. The 2x Beauty Charcoal towel that your skin will fall in love with even harder than before. 

We all love to hear that our skin looks healthy and radiant! You should never have to go through life with problematic skin no matter how active of a lifestyle you live. De-shine and say goodbye to your dull looking skin by saying hello to the 2X Charcoal Beauty Towel that compliments your skin care routine. 

Now available in our Charcoal Beauty Active Size and our Charcoal Beauty Mini size.

Amplify your skin care routine with the 2x beauty towel. When your skin glows, you glow!