Got sweat? FaceSoft Towels are ready!

Have your skin Glow, Glimmer, and Glisten 2X's as much this New Year!

Everyone should be able to feel beautiful and confident in their skin & with their skin. The 2x beauty towel is infused with double the amount of activated charcoal to bring your skincare routine to the next level. Twice the amount of activated charcoal is infused into our irresistible soft aqua-cotton for that plush and luxurious feel your skin can't get enough of. 

The beauty 2x Charcoal towel goes hand in hand with your established skin care routine. Adding the New 2X Beauty towel to your skin care routine will amplify the  cleansing and removal part of your routine. Complimenting the products, you already use and love to get that extra clean feeling and results you can't get enough of. We all love to hear that our skin looks healthy and radiant, and when you feel good inside and out, you truly GLOW!

Charcoal naturally pulls toxins to the surface and out of your skin preventing future blemishes. The 2x beauty towel is anti-odor & anti-bacterial which helps destroy any bacteria that is present on the towel or your skin and will stop further growth.  Once you wash your towel, everything you are detoxing from your skin gets washed away and when you dry your 2x beauty towel, the heat from the dryer will reactivate the charcoal for your next use! The charcoal will last the life of the 2x beauty towel.

Watch your skin glow, glimmer & glisten this new year, Say hello to that fresh feeling, renewed skin tone, and radiant looking skin at all times with your own 2x beauty towel. 

Now Available in the 2x mini size and 2x beauty active size FaceSoft Towel.

Inhale a flawless skin complexion as you exhale and wipe away all of the bacteria and toxins that no longer serve you or your skin this New Year!

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