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Good things come in MINI packages!

Good things come in Mini packages, especially when it comes to our line of FaceSoft MINIS!


Each one of our FaceSoft Towels are available in its own Mini towel version! Eco color minis that are 100% Aqua-Cotton, Eco-Friendly, Soft as a cloud & Extremely absorbent. The best-selling Charcoal-Detox minis are infused with activated charcoal, are antimicrobial/anti odor and will prevent any bacteria growth from forming. The new 2X Charcoal Beauty minis are infused with double the amount of charcoal than the original towel to provide a deeper cleanse and deeper detox to reach those hard to reach toxins! Leaving your skin fresh, glowing and radiant looking.

Eco color, 100% aqua-cotton minis:

So soft, so absorbent your skin won’t be able to get enough. Perfect for all ages and skin types with the gentle feel they provide. Each towel was designed specifically for your face and your comfort. They will never be abrasive to your skin or leave you with any irritation! One use and you can feel the difference of the high-quality aqua cotton we use to craft and create these luxurious, eco-friendly mini FaceSoft Towels. Available in 4 beautiful colors- Aqua, Pink, Classic Blue and Black!

The revolutionary charcoal-detox minis:

Infused with activated charcoal to detox your skin while you sweat! Similar in size to a washcloth, but with so many incredible and advanced benefits. Having charcoal infused into your towel prevents any unwanted bacteria growth on the towel and your own skin. The activated charcoal Provides a light, and easy detox to your skin while you are working hard and sweating harder. Leaving it blemish free and cleansed. The charcoal infused into the mini towel reactivates with the heat from the dryer and will last infused for the life of the towel! Patent-pending charcoal technology that everyone can’t get enough of.

NEW 2X charcoal beauty Mini:

Inspired by those who live an active lifestyle, love the way their skin looks, and for those who want more than just a sweat towel. Holding the same softness and absorbency rate as both the eco colors and charcoal -detox towels except it is infused with TWICE as much activated charcoal as the original. This level of charcoal creates the perfect beauty towel to bring your skincare routine to the next level. Helping you achieve that radiant, smooth glow we all are striving for. The 2X activated charcoal provides a deeper cleanse to clean your pores by reaching those hard to reach toxins and oils from your skin. Perfect for all things wellness to leave you glowing and confident in your skin!

Use the code WELLBEING15 for 15% off your own Mini FaceSoft Towels! Fun fact: The revolutionary charcoal minis towels and the 100% aqua cotton eco minis come in a 3 pack as well as a single option!

Whether you love the eco minis, revolutionary charcoal-detox minis or the new 2X charcoal beauty minis, the size, softness, and absorbency level will never let you down! No matter how many times you use & wash your MINI FaceSoft Towels, the softness will always be there. Each mini is easily packable and they are the perfect towel to bring with you everywhere you go.

Love your skin during everything you do and everywhere you go!