Got sweat? FaceSoft Towels are ready!

Feel your very best in your sweat!

We always feel our best exercising, sweating, and stretching. Being able to move our bodies so freely is such a blessing. There are so many fun and exciting workouts that we try to incorporate into our daily routines, whether they are online classes or returning back to our favorite studios. Exercise releases serotonin in our brain that leaves us feeling euphoric and filled with happiness inside and out. Being able to feel good results in us being able to do good, while performing our best mentally and physically.

Being able to be comfortable in your sweat while detoxing your skin at the same time takes working out to the next level! Our Charcoal Detox FaceSoft towels are infused with natural Charcoal to remove impurities from your skin. Charcoal has an electromagnetic charge, which gives it the ability to bind to oils and toxins to draw them out from your skin, which is such a great property to have infused into your towel. With the heat from your dryer, the charcoal will reactivate for your next use and will last the life of the towel!

Since sweating and working out tends to leave our skin feeling dirty and that can result in breakouts and blockages, exercising isn’t always on the top of everyone's daily todo list! Using a Charcoal Infused towel during your sweat session will prevent blockages and will promote clear, soft, and glowing skin even after the sweatiest of workouts. 

Sweat naturally releases unwanted toxins in our bodies. It boosts our overall immunity and it releases dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin in our brain that leaves us with such increased feelings of happiness! Learning to be comfortable as we sweat and using the products that will keep our skin looking its best as we workout has never been so easy.

Feel your very best in your sweat, doing your favorite workouts- while purifying your skin with your own personal activated charcoal towel all at the same time!

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