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FaceSoft Sweat Towels are on FIRE

The Ultimate Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft Towel is on fire....LITERALLY! 

Our Engineering Development Team at FaceSoft has figured out a patent-pending technique, where you can infuse activated charcoal into the cotton yarn of the towel!

The Charcoal we use comes from responsibly sourced trees, that when it's heated to high temperatures it slowly burn into a process call pyrolysis. The charcoal is then treated with oxygen to actually activate the charcoal! This process activates the charcoal by eliminating any molecules that it had already absorbed, by enhancing both the absorption and the adsorption abilities that results in Activated Charcoal! 

The final product is a natural, sustainable charcoal infused towel that is chemical-free and non-toxic. When we say FaceSoft Towels are on fire, we really mean it with the patent pending charcoal technology that is used in the making of the Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft Towels!

The power of charcoal is limitless! Charcoal removes oils & toxins from your skin by providing a gentle detox where the charcoal sucks out any dirt and impurities your pores may be holding onto. Keeping your skin looking its best no matter how active and sweaty of a lifestyle you live.

The activated charcoal takes a typical sweat towel to the next level in so many ways. Towels are known to live in the perfect environment where they end up becoming bacteria traps. Since we often use towels to absorbs things from our skin, they tend to stay damp with moisture which gives that bacteria a chance to grow and linger inside of them.

Having Activated Charcoal infused into your towel prevents all of the harmful bacterias from growing & spreading. The charcoal serves as as self cleaning tool that will keep your towel and yourself free of odor and any microorganism present on your towel, skin, and even surrounding areas.

Not only are you saying goodbye to post break outs from your workouts with the detox properties charcoal naturally entails. You are also saying goodbye to a towel that could possibly trap bacteria inside providing more harm to your skin then good!!

Feel comfortable in your sweat, feel confident with your sweat towel!
Ignite the fire in you & and in your charcoal infused sweat towel as you move, sweat, and put in the hard work to meet those wellness goals!
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