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Everyone who loves to sweat...

Loves to sweat with their own Sweat Towel!

Why is it that we love the feeling of sweat dripping off of our skin and coming out of our pores? In our minds, we love the feeling of sweat for so many different reasons. The outcome of being covered in sweat is the result of our dedication and drive to finish our workout, and to finish it strong! The feeling we get when we accomplish our goals and to be able to check off of our to-do list that we have completed our daily movement session is one of the best feelings!

Sweat releases toxins from our body to keep our immune system strong and healthy at the same times as it boosts our energy and improves our mood! Working out, feeling your best is even better when you have those sweat essentials that make your workout session that much more comfortable and enjoyable!

Over the last year we have rapidly seen FaceSoft become one of those sweat essentials that brings confidence in one’s workout, sweat session. That feeling of your plush sweat towel touching your skin, absorbing your sweat during and after your workout is like no other. Especially knowing this is your own personal sweat towel that has never been used on someone else’s skin & sweat!

A consistent practice of doing something active for just 30 minutes a day leaves you with so many feelings of happiness, motivation, contentment, and even feeling inspired. You really can do anything you set your mind to and you can choose what it is that you love to do that is best for you! Movement therapy, working up a sweat, reaching your goals is such a positive booster that keep us all healthy mentally and physically.

One of our goals at FaceSoft is to offer the community their own personal sweat towel that is used by you and only you! To help you feel comfortable every single time you step foot into the gym or studio to work on you.

There is nothing we love more than a great sweat session, and a great sweat towel!

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Keep moving, keep sweating, keep feeling your best- mentally and physically!