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Create Calmness During Chaos

Aspire To Inspire.

 Emotions are high, confusion is in the air and everything around us seems to be closing. Social distancing is highly recommended throughout communities. During this time, we are right here with you doing the best we can to stay healthy, active and safe. We are here to remind you that we are able to create a sense of calmness during chaotic times: Create stillness, create space, and create peace. Sometimes this is easier said than done and this may be one of those times for you, but during times of mayhem we need to try our hardest to keep these things in mind.

 Stay clean.

Just because the world outside may be changing, and that the news is constantly frightening to hear does not mean we can’t keep our inner peace. We are able to keep living our lives filled with mindfulness, healthy eating, being active- while respecting our communities. With being able to follow what the CDC is asking, we can do our part to help prevent this from getting worse. If you feel sick at any point do the right thing and stay home. Some simple acts of hygiene we know we need to implement in our daily lives more than ever are so important: Wash your hands; disinfect your workspace, counter tops, and your cell phones.

 Food is medicine:

Continue eating your normal wholesome meals you love. Food is the best medicine we can offer our bodies to stay resilient and healthy. Continue shopping for your favorite wholefoods that feed your mind and body all of the nutrients you need. What we put into our bodies is so vital to keeping our immune system strong. Drink hot water with lemon in the mornings and evenings. Continue to fill up your water bottles throughout the day. Remember to stay hydrated at all times.

Continue being active with at home workouts:

Even though our local gym or workout studio may be temporarily closed, there are so many amazing studios and incredible instructors that are live streaming workouts and recording new classes for us to continue being active. It is so important at a time like this to keep our health in mind and to not let our normal workout activities go out the window. Create a space in your home where you can comfortably workout. By creating ways to continue to support our health we can embrace the positivity of having our wellbeing present and focused on.

Do the things you have been meaning to do.

During this time, start the things you have wanted to start but had no time to. Be mindful; increase your daily meditation time. Practice self love and self-care rituals that make you feel good whether that is taking a bubble bath, watching a feel good series on Netflix. Start that book you have been keeping on your shelf for weeks. Get creative and let your mind get lost in arts and crafts. Bake that recipe you have been meaning to whip up. Clean and detox your closet. Take this time to do the things that will help you feel calmness through the chaos.

 If you are working remote: BALANCE.

If you are currently working remote- make sure you incorporate breaks throughout your day for lunch like you would if you were in your office. Find that balance through your workdays so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Create a space within your home that will have you feeling motivated to get your workload completed without creating any extra stress.  As we know balance and mindfulness is key.

We send you ease and good vibes during this time. 

Stay Strong.

Stay Resilient.

Stay Smart.

Stay Safe.

Stay Inspiring.

With love & hope, Rebecca.