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Charcoal Technology

Charcoal Technology: a new and exciting innovative technology,
Patent Pending.

You may be familiar with our Charcoal-Detox towels, but maybe not so familiar with the incredible Charcoal Technology that makes the revolutionary Charcoal- Detox towel possible!

Two of our main goals at FaceSoft Towel company is providing a high-grade eco-friendly towel as an alternative to microfiber plastic towels, as well as to offer a towel that is like no other towel that has ever been created, The Charcoal Detox Towel! (Patent Pending).

Why is it Charcoal we decided to use to infuse into our yarn? We chose Charcoal because of its ability to be processed in a natural, and sustainable way. As well as all of the unbelievable antibacterial and antimicrobial properties charcoal has to offer. When creating the charcoal that goes into the cotton yarn, we use an eco-friendly closed-loop process which ensures that everything that is used is collected and re-used to prevent anything from getting into our environment!

At FaceSoft, our production team has figured out a state-of-the-art way to infuse this Charcoal right into our Aqua-Cotton yarn. The Aqua-Cotton yarn gives our towels a luxurious and plush feel. Each one of our Charcoal Detox Towels has a built-in self-cleaning property due to the incredible anti-odor and anti-microbial properties Charcoal naturally entails.

Having Charcoal Infused into your towel will stop the spread of germs, odor, and bacteria that are possibly present on your skin or even on the towel, always leaving your skin fresh, renewed, and radiant looking. You can wash your towel normally once used, and with The Charcoal Technology, the charcoal will re-activate for your next use with the heat from your dryer. The charcoal will last infused into the yarn for the life of the towel!

We are taking the world of towels to the next level with our turbo charged charcoal technology. With the code personaltowel20 at checkout you will receive 20% off your own Revolutionary Charcoal-Detox FaceSoft Towel.