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Celebrate Earth Day with us with your own Eco Sweat Towel!

All FaceSoft Sweat towels are made with eco-friendly materials to better our oceans!


April is here and April marks the month of Earth Day!

As a proud eco-friendly company, we are so excited to highlight earth day and to share with you some of our favorite ways to make the small steps in living an eco-conscious lifestyle that leads to big change! 

Most people understand the negative impact that plastic products have on our world such as plastic water bottles, bags and straws. However, most aren’t aware of the shocking destruction that microfiber causes to our landfill, ocean, and marine life.

At FaceSoft, we were determined to spread awareness & education regarding the impact that microfiber towels and textiles have on our environment. Microfiber towels are made up of tiny plastic particles that are made with toxic oils. Microfiber plastics shed by the thousands into our oceans and water-systems, straight from our washing machines when we wash items that are made with microfiber, polyester and nylon. When many of us think about items like towels, plastic may not be the first thing that comes to mind! 

How do you help the planet and the issue regarding microfiber plastics? Switch to natural fabrics rather than synthetic. Cotton Towels are eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable sourced. You can help your community by spreading educational facts about microfiber to help more people be more aware of what microfiber really is, and how harmful these tiny plastic particles are to our oceans.

For us, being able to provide an eco-alternative towel as well as help spread awareness is something we are so passionate about because when communities all over come together, that is when great changes happen!

At FaceSoft our goal is to help stop the damage to our oceans one FaceSoft towel at a time. By making the switch to eco-friendly towels, reusable water bottles and reusable straws as well as eliminating one use plastic waste, we are one step closer to helping our planet in ways that will create everlasting change to our world.

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 better towel. better ocean.





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