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Getting back into your routine!


We know we are so excited to get back to our favorite gyms, yoga studios and workout classes. Being out of our normal routine was so hard to adjust to at first, but now, after so much time off- it may be hard to get back to the routine we once all knew so well!


  • Start slow and start with the classes you always enjoy attending rather than a workout that feels like a chore.
  • Take time to write down where you are at with your current goals and what your end goals look like so you can see it clear as day to be able to start working towards.
  • Listen to your body, I know this time out of the studios for us has made us really learn to tune in to what our body and mind is telling us.
  • Being able to rest when you need to and being able to work harder when that is what your body is telling you to do!
  • Getting back into the gym, continuing to be kind to your body and mind while you work on your old or new goals, consistency is key.


Getting back into our routine may be hard at first but just like it was hard to make a new routine while being out of the gyms and studios, with time we will get used to it!


The positivity in the air, the endurance you see within your community that motivates everyone to work harder is one of the things we missed the most and are so excited to get back to. It is such an exciting time moving towards getting back into our safe spaces. Seeing our smiling community after months of not being together, being able to lift each other up mentally and physically and to work towards our fitness goals as a team!


Getting back into the gyms and keeping it our safe space mentally and even more physically when it comes to being prepared with the necessities we need to keep our health and our communities health in mind! We are looking forward to creating these habits as long term habits so we can get used to bringing everything we need with us that may have been provided by the studios or gyms before this time off.


Some tips that are helping us find the perfect motivation to start getting back into our in-studio gym routines with the workout essentials we need!


  • Treat yourself to a new workout outfit, we all know new workout clothes are such motivation!
  • Invest in your own yoga mat if you don’t already have one. There are so many fun colored ones that you can find on amazon that are inexpensive but are still the perfect mat to bring with you to each class or workout.
  • Bring your own water bottle so you can refill your bottle each time you need to, instead of using the water fountain and to minimize single plastic water bottle waste!
  • Pick and choose your favorite color 100% aqua- cotton Face Soft Towels that bring you joy during your workouts! With so many fun, bright colors to choose from you can have one for every work out during your week.
  • Having your own Charcoal Detox FaceSoft towel is our motivation to work hard and sweat even harder knowing that it kills bacteria and microorganisms while it detox’s your skin and removes impurities to keep your skin glowing, healthy, and super clean!
  • Bring a workout body with you for motivation and to even learn new workout routines.


 Keep staying healthy, active, and keep your health in mind as we get back into the gyms and studios!


You can never be too prepared for anything in life, be prepared and bring all of the workout essentials you need! Use the code personaltowel20 for 20% off your FaceSoft Towel order.