Got sweat? FaceSoft Towels are ready!

Beauty & Sweat!

Activated Charcoal for your skin care routine with the 2X Charcoal-Detox Beauty Towel!
Activated Charcoal for your workouts and sweat with the Charcoal-Detox active towel!

This summer you can never have enough Charcoal Infused Towels for both your beauty skin care routine and for your active life style! Having activated charcoal infused into the towels yarn provides benefits to your skin that once you start you won’t be able to switch back to a typical towel!

Before your sweat sesh, or before your bed time beauty routine the 2X Charcoal Beauty towel goes hand in hand with your established skin care routine!The 2x beauty towel is infused with double the amount of activated charcoal to bring your skincare routine to the next level. Twice the amount of activated charcoal is infused into our irresistible soft aqua-cotton for that plush and luxurious feel your skin can't get enough of. Complimenting the products, you already use and love to get that extra clean feeling and results you can't get enough of. Always leaving your skin with that fresh feeling, renewed skin tone, and radiant looking skin at all times. 

Before, during and after your workouts, having the charcoal-detox active towel by your side to keep you comfortable in your sweat as well as to continue the detoxing and cleansing of your skin, every single time you wipe away your sweat! The Charcoal in the charcoal-detox towel acts like a vacuum and clings onto any dirt, or toxins. The charcoal brings them to the surface to detox and cleanse all in one use. Not only just infused with activated charcoal but the feeling of the towel is like no other sweat towel your skin has ever experienced!

Created with Aqua-cotton technology which gives the towel an extremely soft like a cloud, plush feel to it and is incredibly absorbent and fast drying. Inhale a flawless looking glow as you exhale and wipe away all of the bacteria and toxins from your skin this summer!

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Start off the Summer of Love Your Towel with your own personal FaceSoft Towel so you can feel the love, comfort, and confidence as you move and sweat!