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All Things Wellness

All Things Wellness

Charcoal Detox FaceSoft towels are Naturally infused with Activated Charcoal for the perfect grab & go facial detox that fits your active and adventurous lifestyle! Keep your skin blemish free during all of your outdoor adventures and indoor workouts. At FaceSoft Towel company we believe in products for your active lifestyle that are great for your skin, without them causing any harm to our planet. An eco-towel line that is great for all workouts, ages and skin types.

We have figured out a new revolutionary way to infuse Activated Charcoal into our Aqua-Cotton yarn, which gives our Charcoal-Detox®️ towels incredible anti-odor and anti-microbial technology built right into each towel! Patent-pending. We all love products that feel luxurious to the touch, that keep our skin detoxed and cleansed, and that our skin can’t get enough of. No matter what your next adventure or your next workout is, our revolutionary Charcoal Infused Towels are perfect for all thing’s wellness!

Barre, cycling, yoga, hiking, biking, camping. Whatever it is that you love to do to break a sweat, to move your body, and to feel your absolute best- the revolutionary Charcoal-Detox towel is the towel that you can take everywhere with you! Easily accessible and light weight for you to pack away and bring with you wherever your next adventure may be.

FaceSoft is taking towels to the next level with our antimicrobial and anti-odor charcoal properties. You now can say goodbye to the fear of bad breakouts with confidence and you can also say goodbye to any bacteria that could be present on your skin or on your towel due to the power of Activated Charcoal and It being able to break down and stop any microorganisms from forming. Not like any other typical towel on the market (patent-pending) due to the Charcoal Technology that is used during the creation of these towels.

Once you wash your charcoal towel, everything you are pulling from your skin gets washed away, and with the heat from the dryer the charcoal will re-activate for your next use! The charcoal will last infused into the yarn for the life of the towel.

The revolutionary Charcoal-Detox towel is now available in 3 sizes! Available in our Active size, Bath size, & NEW bigger mini size!  Infused with activated charcoal to keep your skin glowing & cleansed no matter how adventurous or active your life is, the charcoal-detox towel is the ultimate towel for all things wellness.

We are thankful for you and for our community! Use the code THANKFUL15 for 15% off your own Charcoal Infused Personal Towel.

Sweat. Charcoal. Detoxify. Love your skin, every single time.