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All about Activated Charcoal Towels!

The revolutionary Charcoal-Detox Sweat towel & The Revolutionary Charcoal 2X Beauty towel was designed for you!

The Charcoal Detox sweat towel has become a sweat essential in many gyms and studios around the United States. It’s no secret that having charcoal infused into your sweat towel is unlike any other towel out there. Having activated charcoal infused into the towels yarn provides benefits to your skin that once you start you won’t be able to switch back to a typical towel!

The Charcoal in the charcoal-detox towel acts like a vacuum and clings onto any dirt, or toxins from your skin and brings them to the surface to detox and cleanse all in one go! One of Charcoal incredible benefits is that it is antibacterial so once you remove those impurities from your skin, they won’t be coming back! The charcoal-detox towel leaves your skin clean, detoxed, and looking its best during and after your workout! You can confidently say goodbye to those post workout breakouts we all know and despise.

If you are already a fan of the Charcoal-Detox sweat towel, we know you will fall  in love just as hard with the 2X Charcoal Beauty towel! We were inspired to create the 2X Charcoal Beauty towel from the response & love we have received with the original charcoal-detox FaceSoft Towel! The 2X Charcoal Beauty towel is infused with Double the amount of Charcoal than the original for Double the detox and  double the glow! Holding the same softness, we all can’t get enough of, and the same incredible absorbency rate, but infused with twice the amount of activated charcoal. The 2X activated charcoal provides a deeper cleanse to clean your pores by reaching those hard to reach toxins and oils from your skin. For people that embrace wellness, live an active lifestyle, and care about their beautiful skin the 2x beauty towel was designed for you!

The activated charcoal in both the Charcoal-Detox and 2X Charcoal Beauty towel will reactivate with the heat from the dryer and will last the life of the towel!

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Everyone deserves to feel beautiful & confident in their skin.
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